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Students adjusting to online agenda books

Jenna Beemer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Instead of a hard copy agenda book that students received at the beginning of the school year, Shores administrators decided to have the yearly planner only available online this year.

With the switch, some students are missing the hard copy planner.

“I am used to having an agenda book,” Senior Andrea DePouw said. “It had the late-start schedule, and paper is what I am comfortable with. Throughout middle school, we received planners and were taught to use them.”

Some students, like DePouw, opted to buy their own planner so they could continue to use their typical organization techniques.

“I went to the store and bought my own planner for $14,” DePouw said. “I usually use my planner by the day. I put each class’ homework on the day, and a test or assignments are placed on the day they are due.”

While students may be resisting the change, media specialist Anne Brainard encourages students to try out Google calendar.

“Students can use the calendar to keep up with events going on at school as well as to enter dates of upcoming due dates in their classes,” Brainard said. “Many students are involved with so many teams, clubs, etc., that the calendar can help keep them better organized. By setting notifications regarding due dates, students can alert themselves days or a week ahead of time. This will help them stay on top of things, instead of scrambling to complete projects or study for a test.”

Learning all of the tricks to Google Calendar may entice students to utilize it more often.

“The ability to share your calendar with others (makes Google Calendar helpful),” Brainard said. “This is useful between family members or between members of a team or club. Students can create multiple calendars for different parts of their lives: one could be family-related, another team/club related, another can be due dates for their classes. These calendars can then be viewed separately or together and each shared differently with others. Another ability is adding attachments to an events.

This keeps documents organized in one place and when an event is to take place it can easily be shared with all those involved with the event.”

This characteristic of Google Calendar makes it convenient to coordinate schedules for groups. For example, teachers can share a calendar with their students with the due dates for assignments in their class. These events can be viewed in multiple ways to make it advantageous to students.

“[A cool ability on Google Calendar] is the ability to sync the calendar with their phone calendar so they have event dates and due dates available at their fingertips,” Brainard said. “With the Chromebook, students are one click away from accessing the calendar, so they can easily stay on top of things.”

Brainard feels that the change to Google Calendar does not negatively affect students.

“I do not feel there are any drawbacks,” Brainard said. “This is because the calendar is available anywhere you have Internet access. Monday through Friday, students have access throughout the school day. With the implementation of 1:1 with Chromebooks, this opens availability to all our students.”

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Students adjusting to online agenda books