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College is not best choice for every student’s career needs

Jenna Beemer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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College is not for everyone. That is not to say that no one should go to college; that is far from the truth.

As I prepare to go to college next fall, it would be hypocritical to make such a blanket statement.

But for some students, preparing for a future outside of attending college next year might suit them better. It may make more sense for a student who has no direction for the future to take a gap year, get a job, join the military, or continue their education by going to trade school.

These more economical options are not concrete decisions; they are decisions for one year.

Many students benefit from a technical degree or career training rather than college. The cost to obtaining these degrees is much lower than the cost of obtaining a college degree.

Not only does it cost less to get a technical degree; jobs that need technical degrees are in high demand.
There is a high need for workers, like drywallers, with technical degrees. A starting salary for a drywaller is $37,494, according to salary.com. The earnings of a drywall installer increase quite a bit from this starting point.

Students who get a technical degree may be making as much money as someone with a degree but without the weight of paying off student debt.

By pressuring students to attend college without a regard to their ambitions, students endure unnecessary debt. According to ticas.org, 75 percent of students in Michigan have debt from college averaging $33,379. This amount of debt will take students years to pay off.

Students are told that the only way they can be successful in life is through attending college. In fact, that is simply untrue. Several successful people, like Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple; David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby; Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers; and Rachael Ray, cooking TV star, businesswoman, and author, do not have college degrees, according to entrepreneur.com.

The level of formal education one receives does not equate to knowledge earned. No matter what path students choose, they should focus on being a lifelong learner rather than becoming fixated on obtaining a college degree.

Continuing to learn from every situation presented makes one a student. So, never stop learning. Even if that means not attending college.

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College is not best choice for every student’s career needs