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Students should focus on their desires, not others’ opinions

Olivia Watson, Entertainment Editor

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College application time can be stressful for a student.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? These are two questions students must answer before they move past high school.

It is difficult enough for students to decide all of this on their own, but it is even more difficult to do so when they don’t have the complete and total support of important adult figures in their lives.

Although not the case for all, quite a few students have found that staff members they look up to at Shores do not fully support their choice.

Staff, many of whom write recommendations for students, tend to suggest STEM subjects over other fields of study, many times dismissing the student’s desire for a more creative career path.

Although these adults have the best interest of the student at heart, it is discouraging to students and sometimes makes them begin to second-guess what they truly desire in a career.

This could ultimately lead to unhappiness in their future if the words of this staff member are taken to heart.

One might think that it is perfectly logical for a concerned staff member to mention the risks to a student, and we agree – if they have the facts to back it up.

Some students have found that the information given is misguided or incorrect.

Students have not been given valid reasons as to why their ideal career path is not a viable one.

They have even been suggested fields that have nothing to do with who they are, nor any interest to them.

Even though these are the people who have already gone through all of the schooling, it is ultimately the student’s choice what he/she decides to study.

Students’ decisions about their intended career should not be subject to staff approval.

They should be free to decide what they study without judgment or worry.

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Students should focus on their desires, not others’ opinions