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Trump’s America: don’t let hate rule

Steffen Newman, Feature Editor

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Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. After one of the most unpredictable election cycles in history, it was only natural for it to end with a major upset.

For those who are celebrating a Trump victory, he may represent something new, a “breath of fresh air” from your typical establishment politician. He may be the lesser of two evils from a President Hillary Clinton, one who has been labeled a liar and potential criminal.

But for those of us who do not support him, the Trump air is everything but fresh. To many people,

Donald Trump represents the racism and sexism that America has worked so hard to get past.

That piece is what many Trump supporters don’t understand. To those who have worked so hard for reform toward a more equal society, this was a slap in the face. Trump’s election didn’t spark outrage because of Trump himself but rather because it showed just how much scapegoating, lying, and immoral rhetoric the American people were willing to put up with.

That same rhetoric has stirred up fear for what is outside the norm, a fear for those who look, believe, or act differently. When people are afraid, they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves, whether that be something hateful, violent, or irrational. Trump’s candidacy was fueled by the fears of these very same individuals, and it was those people who got him to the White House.

To those of you who support Trump, I coerce you to be accepting, be kind. Don’t act on your fears or your hatred. Remember, America represents freedom for all peoples, races, ethnicities, and belief systems. No amount of fear should change that fundamental portion of our society.

To those of you who do not support him, don’t let your anger overtake you. Protesting is meant to be a peaceful, meaningful demonstration, not simply a reaction to your emotions. Returning evil for evil only lowers yourself to the same level of those you’re against.

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Trump’s America: don’t let hate rule