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Prior to election, students get involved in politics

Kendahl MacLaren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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If making phone calls and knocking on doors is what it takes, senior Amanda Hichue will do it for the politician with her beliefs.

To campaign for Collene Lamonte for State Representative, Hichue and 2016 graduate Wesley Wilson went out into the community with Lamonte’s committee to elect.

“I made a lot of phone calls – it’s called phone banking – for people who wanted yard signs in their yards and to get people out to vote,” Hichue said. “We knocked on doors on election day for the primary on August 2nd. We also did a lot of calls for absentee voting to get people to send those in. It was a lot of knocking on doors – a lot. Some people appreciated it, and some people did not.”

Hichue said that there was one lady specifically who did not enjoy Hichue’s company.

“I walked up to this one lady’s door, and she didn’t say anything to me,” Hichue said. “She just looked at me and kind of nods like, ‘What’s in your hand?’ So I held up the literature of Collene Lamonte, and she shook her head and slammed the door. I was like OK and walked down her driveway. Of course (on accident), I dropped everything, so I was in her driveway picking up everything. She already does not like me, and I just dropped everything in her driveway.”

Hichue said that, as a liberal, she had hoped to see Lamonte in the House.

“With her seat in the House, it would take back the Michigan House to be Democratic instead of Republican,” Hichue said. “She is really for the middle class families, education, and she really thinks that Michigan shouldn’t be at the bottom of every education list there is. We should be near the top because we have the ability, but we aren’t using it right.”

Unfortunately. Lamonte was defeated by Holly Hughes, 20,958 votes to 18,558.

Senior Kendyl Marine also said she felt strongly about a candidate.

“A lot of my supporting (Donald) Trump comes from my not liking Hillary at all,” said Marine, prior to the election. “I do not like her because I think she should be in jail and she has supported a lot of legislature that should not have been passed, and she has not done anything in senate. I also agree with Trump’s views. I know he is excessive with building the wall and it is too much sometimes, but I definitely support some of his ideas such as views to defeat ISIS.”

On Oct. 31, Marine and her friend, senior Abbey Trach, attended a Trump rally at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids.

“We left at 8 a.m. and got in a 10:30 a.m., and we were on the ground floor, which is surprising because it was so busy,” Marine said. “We were really there just to support Trump. I definitely thought it was going to be just Trump talking, but it wasn’t. Trump mostly just talked about what he would do for Michigan. If you have a chance to go to it, do it. They are a lot of fun and a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

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Prior to election, students get involved in politics