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Shores can do more to help students prepare for college

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Shores prides itself in preparing its students for college. From offering AP classes to standardized testing, Shores administrators make sure the entire high school career is centered around students continuing on to some form of higher education after graduation.

However, the only way students can, in fact, continue their education is if they successfully visit and apply to a college that fits their needs. We, the editors of The Sailors’ Log, feel Shores is lacking in this regard for two core reasons.

First, very few classes prepare students to become a functioning adult after graduation.
For example, many of the core classes become irrelevant once students don the cap and gown in June, and very few of them assist students in day-to-day activities that adults partake in.

Additionally, despite the load of AP classes and curriculum options Shores students have, there isn’t a single class that directly assists students in their college search and application process.

Some things that would directly aid in students’ college search would be assemblies, continuing meetings with college admissions counselors, and even a class offered which has the sole goal of helping seniors complete and submit college applications.A class offered for college application help would benefit seniors in a large way, especially because their knowledge of college life and class difficulty is limited in comparison to teachers and counselors.

Additionally, seniors are still taking various difficult classes. AP Literature, AP Chemistry, and AP Calculus are most commonly taken by seniors, and have a demanding workload.

Considering that these classes mean nothing if students do not effectively apply to college, we expect the school to take more interest in the application process.

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Shores can do more to help students prepare for college