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Blasts from the past ignite interest

Olivia Watson, Entertainment Editor

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Everyone knows the saying: Out with the old; in with the new. However, that may not be so true anymore – at least in TV land.

An increasing number of teenagers have begun watching older television shows on Netflix and other media platforms.

Students have found an interest in shows that were even around when their parents were teenagers.

Students have said that they watch these shows because the shows happened to be better at that time.
So where did good television go?

An overwhelming number of teenagers have expressed their desire for old TV shows to make a return to rectify television’s issues, and it seems executives have listened.

Full House recently made a return as Fuller House, Gilmore Girls made its return on Netflix on Nov. 25, and recently, it was announced that That’s So Raven will return to Disney Channel.
People couldn’t be more pleased.

The Gilmore Girls revival garnered much success; viewers of the original were pleased with the continuation and raving over those “final four words” that left everyone in shock.

Fans agree that it was like a time warp to see the characters’ lives change and develop, which is part of what made the revival such a success. (It also didn’t hurt that the favorite male cast members were still in prime condition.)

Fuller House has also had major success since releasing its first season back in February, with many of the original cast members returning to reprise their famous roles.

The second season began Dec. 9.

However, the real questions on my mind were, how do Shores students feel, and what would they like to see take a second run? Students showed a varied interest in what shows should be resuscitated.

Among these shows are Hannah Montana, iCarly, Kim Possible, The Brady Bunch, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Many agree these shows had an impact on childhood and would love to see them return, if not just to see how characters have changed over time.

I have to agree with the overwhelming number of students who stated Kim Possible needs to make a comeback; it was, in fact, one of the most epic shows to be a part of my youth.

Who wouldn’t want to see a teenage girl defeat evil and fight a middle-aged blue man (and win 75 percent of the time)? If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what is.

A major part of what attracts students to these shows is that a majority of them are available and popular on Netflix.

Netflix offers a wide variety of television shows and movies from up to 50 years ago, which means parents can watch their favorite shows from their childhood as well.

Alongside Netflix, Hulu offers many current and old TV shows itself.

One of the funniest shows I have binge-watched on Hulu is Charles In Charge, a classic 1980s sitcom in which a college student, Charles, is the nanny for a family of five while attending school in New Jersey.
When I was scrolling through Hulu, my mother said, “I used to love that show.”

With so many options out there, one never knows what he’ll stumble upon. That new favorite thing might just end up being a parents’ favorite too.

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