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Writer finds new friend in Friends

Lucy Eyke, Staff Writer

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After a long, stressful day of school, I love to kick back, relax, and watch TV. Being an avid binge watcher of the variety of shows that are popular to today’s society, I had many options of what shows to watch after I finish one series after the next, all thanks to systems like Netflix.

But after finishing Stranger Things and Gossip Girl, I ran out of options. I had watched all of the recently-made shows that had all of the hype.

Tumblr, Twitter, and other social media apps raved about old shows such as Saved By the Bell or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I had never really thought of watching them.

But after a long time of waiting for something to peak my interest, I was pulled into my now favorite show of all time, which happens to be more than 20 years old.

Friends first aired in 1994 and is still popular today. After watching the first episode, I was hooked.

Every episode is funny, and many of the situations that the friend group has are very relatable. It is a nice way to take my mind off of the crazy things happening in the world today.

It is cool that the generations of today and upcoming can enjoy the shows that their parents and older generations also watched.

Watching this show has given me the chance to start conversations with my family that would not have been started without the chance of watching this show.

Although the quality of the actual film may be worse than today’s quality, the quality of the show is just as good or even better.

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Writer finds new friend in Friends