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Students need to be aware of bullying resources

Caitlin McCombs, Editorial Editor

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Bullying. We all know it is happening, and we talk about how we are going to fix, but we never follow through.

It’s only gotten worse throughout the years.

Staff and students may be able to stop it most of the time when it happens on school grounds, but what happens when students get home and are being targeted on-line?

Bullying is a leading issue in every school, and schools all seem to have different solutions.

Yet bullying is still present everywhere. The effects of bullying are devastating, Teen Help says, “In 2014, 1,668 youth aged 13-18 committed suicide.” But we can fix this.

Shores has many helpful resources and tools to help spread awareness and allow bullied victims to speak up. These resources include websites such as Ok2Say and the program Be Nice.

However, some students are not educated on these different resources and some do not utilize them because they don’t want to talk about their situation.

The staff at Shores has done almost everything it can do to prevent bullying, and now, it is time for students to use their voices.

But in order for students to speak up, they need to be informed about all the useful websites to help them.

Once students learn about these websites and they see bullying happening on-line or at school, they can bring an adult into the situation or they can put their problem on Ok2Say and someone will help.

Nothing is ever going to stop bullying because people are who they are, but we should at least keep taking steps forward in the right direction.

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Students need to be aware of bullying resources