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Collector finds snow globes unique

Kali Jend, Staff Writer

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Freshman Hannah Clark, who has nearly 30 snow globes, has been collecting the winter wonderland trinkets since she was 5 years old.

It all began when her cousin who lived in Florida at the time sent her a snow globe, which helped Clark and her cousin forge a bond. The collection continued when Clark moved in with her stepmom, who gave Clark some of her snow globes from when she was younger.

Clark said one of her favorite snow globes is one of the first she collected.

“My favorite one is my Peter Pan one because it was given to me by my stepmother when I first met her,” Clark said.

Clark said she has many snow globes from multiple places in the United States, including Florida, New York City, Mackinac Island, California, and Washington D.C. She even has ones from Canada and Poland as well.

Clark said she enjoys having a variety of snow globes because of their uniqueness.

“My favorite part of collecting is the places and the new designs or things inside the globes,” Clark said.

For Clark, this collection is not just a hobby; it has sentimental value as well.

“Most of my snow globes are extremely special to me because they were either passed down to me, or they were given to me by someone special,” she said. “If my collection was stolen or broken, I’d be extremely bummed, and I’d honestly start collecting again.”

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Collector finds snow globes unique