Liu to be one of the few, the proud

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Liu to be one of the few, the proud

Kaitlin Hermanson, Profiles Editor

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Senior Hao (Sunny) Liu’s interest in joining the Marine Corps began because of two individuals: a teacher and a friend.

Social studies teacher Steve Morell, a former Marine, and 2016 Shores graduate Tony Musa, who is currently serving in the USMC, were influential in his decision.

“I enjoy enduring hardships, traveling, experiencing other cultures, and helping those in need,” Liu said.

Though his family was initially skeptical of his decision, Liu said he knew that enlisting in the military was the right step for him.

“My parents were upset at first, but eventually, they realized that it’s my life and that I should be in control of it,” Liu said.

After heading to South Carolina for bootcamp, Liu said he hopes to specialize in communications and intelligence.

Whether or not he will make a career out of it is yet to be determined.

“I’ll do my four years, and if it’s enjoyable, then I will possibly make a career of it,” Liu said. “I’m looking forward to getting a degree in criminal justice​ or psychology after my first enlistment.”

He leaves for Parris Island, S.C., on Aug. 21 to begin his journey.

“The first couple weeks should be fun, with a lot of screaming and physical fun things,” Liu said.

Overall, he said he is ready to start the next chapter of his life.

“I’m nervous about bootcamp and its challenges, but I am very excited to finally become a Marine,” Liu said.

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