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THE GREAT DEBATE: Should transgender people serve in the military?

Jaylene Davis, Staff Writer

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Trump’s directive to ban transgender people from military service has taken over social media, but before someone turns himself against America, listen to the other side of the story.

The issue isn’t over discrimination against transgender and non-transgender; it goes deeper. And that’s why I agree with the President’s decision.

Sex-reassignment surgery in the military will cost taxpayers nearly $2 billion over 10 years.

That’s taxpayers money being fed to the military to pay for transgender or gender-confused individuals. Transgender people are being banned from military service to cut costs, not to take away their rights.

Two billion dollars are being handed to people whose sex doesn’t affect their work in protecting our citizens and keeping our nation free.

Speaking of a free nation, why should taxpayers be throwing their money to a cause that is a flea compared to the giant that some of our country’s other problems are? Our money is focused on a confused minority when we should be focusing on the poverty and terrorism in America.

The new ban ends the waste of $2 billion. But that’s only the beginning. Transgender sex-reassignment surgery only starts to measure the costs that the transgender service is making.

Along with body-disfiguring surgeries, unnecessary treatments like having breasts amputated and inverting a man’s penis also carry counseling, another cost as high as $5,000, and cross-sex hormone therapy for the year before a surgery, another $2,400, and there is still more.

As a country, we need to be fighting for what’s right and stop focusing our attention on tiny issues, such as an individual’s personal gender. If someone feels the need to physically change his body, it’s fine, but when it is disrupting our country’s success, it is a problem.

Even transexual Walt Heyer agrees, telling LifeSiteNews that the new ban would prevent, “turning the military into a giant, tax-funded, sex-change clinic.”

Our military should be working on what matters most, not personal issues. This is why I support Trump’s new ban, and I don’t want to waste any more money or time working through this issue.
Finally something is being done about it.

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THE GREAT DEBATE: Should transgender people serve in the military?