WORLD EXPLORERS: Senior experiences new things in Hawaii

Caitlin McCombs

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Nothing compares to spending two weeks of summer in Hawaii – at least that is how senior Lucy Eyke feels.

Eyke had the opportunity to travel to America’s 50th state with the National Geographic Expedition.

“It was based all around community service, and it was based in Hawaii,” she said. “I have wanted to visit Hawaii since I can remember and giving back to Hawaii sounded amazing.”

In Hawaii, Eyke, who was there from June 24 to July 9, visited the Kona district, which is located on the western coast of Hawaii. She also visited the island of Maui.

One thing Eyke said she noticed was the differences in the culture between Michigan and Hawaii.

“The people in Hawaii and the people in Michigan are different,” she said. “Most of the Hawaiians I met were so concerned for the well being of this planet and their state. They have gratitude toward the land and water that provides for them.”

Eyke said she also tried new foods.

“(I ate) poi balls, which were basically donuts but not as sweet, but poke bowls were my favorites because the fish was always so fresh and everything complimented each other inside of the bowl,” she said.
Eyke said she also enjoyed meeting new people.

“My favorite thing about the trip was just meeting all new people who had so many experiences to share,” she said. “I also loved being around all of the marine life and learning about Hawaiian legends.”

Aside from relaxing, she said she had the opportunity to help out the community.

“I helped with beach cleanup with the Hawaii wildlife fund and hiked five miles of pretty difficult terrain,” Eyke said.

“We also worked with a woman we called ‘auntie’ on her sugarcane farm. We also cut down the invasive species of ginger that has taken over numerous sections of the forest on kona.”

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