The Movie: IT

Mal Meston, Editor in Chief

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I love watching horror movies, so last weekend I went to see the movie IT.

IT is about a clown who lives in the sewers of a very small town in Derry, Main. Many people believe that the town is cursed because every 27 years something bad happens to the town’s children. A group of middle schoolers must stick together over the terrifying summer to discover the truth. They begin to take matters into their own hands. The friends must all overcome their personal fears to defeat the bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise.

I knew going into the theaters that the movie was suppose to be scary, but scary was an understatement. The movie had great special effects, along with suspenseful scenes that kept me on the tip of my seat. There wasn’t a time in the movie were I wasn’t scared of what might come next.

I thought that IT was a very good movie. Not only was the movie scary and suspenseful, but the movie was hilarious as well. The characters were middle school boys who all had funny sense of humors.

IT had a good balance of suspense and humor.

IT definitely exceeded my expectations and I would for sure watch it again.

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