Choosing perfect costume makes Halloween the best holiday

Olivia Watson, Entertainment Editor

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Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Last I checked, there is no Halloween rulebook that says you can’t love Halloween when you’re a teenager.
So what’s the big deal?

With Halloween being one of the most popular holidays in the nation, it’s no wonder so many fans of the holiday are teenagers and young adults.

What’s not to love? They get to dress up in fun costumes and get free candy.

Many high school students still participate in the holiday, finding joy in dressing up if not to go trick-or-treating but to go to a Halloween party.

Shores’ students are among some of the biggest fans with many students participating in dressing up for school every year. Students can be found in large group costumes, individual costumes, and even costumes they’ve made themselves.

So what are some cool ideas to try out this year?

Some of the predicted top costumes of this year include Wonder Woman, Pennywise the Clown (wouldn’t recommend this one, it’s a little cruel), Eleven (of the Netflix original series Stranger Things), Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty, and the cast of Orange is the New Black, another Netflix show.

It is also popular to go with more simple or complex DIY costumes that are a sure way to wow the crowds.

A lot of people make a night of it, getting the gang together and making awesome costumes, such as a favorite candy bar, memes, assorted fruits, or characters of their favorite cartoon.

It could even be something a little punny – Candy “Wrappers,” green WITH envy for all couples out there with one person dressed in green and the other person dressed as envy, or even Make America “Grate” Again with a cheese grater and an American Flag.

If it’s still unclear on the costume front or you’re just now deciding to dress up, don’t fret. There are plenty of options available.

Not everyone is the crafty type, but we do have many different locations around town to help find that just right outfit if whipping something up at home isn’t exactly your forte.

Grab a group of friends and take to the streets in search of an idea. By the streets, I mean our near and dear trusty Halloween stores such as Party City, 5725 Harvey St. near the mall; or Spirit Halloween, 1755 E. Sherman Blvd.

Last-minute costumes can also be picked up from Walmart or Meijer if you procrastinate like so many people do.
Myself included; I am unfortunately behind once again this year in deciding what to go as (after all it IS an extremely important decision to make).

Halloween is about fun and games. It’s a time to enjoy yourself and not to take things so seriously.
So find that costume that’s sure to be a good time for you or you and your friends and have at it.

After all, Halloween isn’t just for kids – as long as you dress up.

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