Shores needs a sailing team

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Shores needs a sailing team

Paige Judson, Staff writer

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Considering we are the Sailors of Mona Shores, it’s ironic that we don’t have an actual sailing team. Other schools around the area, such as Spring Lake and Grand Haven, have sailing teams.

So why don’t we?

I would love to see our school get a sailing team because sailing is something that I have always been interested in, but I have never had the opportunity to do so. If Shores had a sailing team, this would give me and others a chance to try something new.

Adding a sailing team would giving students another option to increase the number of students participating in sports or clubs.

And I am not the only one at Shores who feels this way.

Freshman Ellie Keessen, who has been sailing since she was 7, wishes Shores would add sailing.

“It would be so great if Mona Shores got a sailing team because I would love to be able to sail for my school but also because we are the Mona Shores Sailors and we don’t even have a sailing team,” she said.
Since sailing can be a team sport, it can be great for team building. Being out on the water for hours at a time can help students bond with their sailing mates.

When two people work as a team, it has great benefits, including learning how to communicate with other people. This could be helpful one day when students grow up and get jobs.

Other times, sailing can be an individual sport that would be a great option for the more quiet students who just want to be alone out in nature.

Though competitive sailing is not as relaxing as sailing for leisure, it is one to get some exercise. Since this sport takes a lot of upper body and core strength, it is also a great way to keep athletes fit in the off season.

Since sailing is a sport that is all about speed in the water, that makes it physically exhausting. Sailors have to be strong enough to fight the wind trying to blow them off course. They also have to have endurance to be able to fight the wind for a couple hours until the race has finished racing.

Another reason Shores should have a sailing team is because sailing is an up-and-coming school sport. There are a total of 520 teams and 4,560 sailors on sailing teams around the country, according to the Interscholastic Sailing Association. This is 120 more teams than there were last year and 200 more than two years ago.

If Shores started a sailing club, students would get to compete against schools in other conferences. Students would get new experiences with new schools around the state. Students could meet new people and make new friends.

Thinking about all of the benefits of sailing, it would be a great edition to the options at Shores.

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