The Sailors’ Log hateful response comments need to stop

From the Editors

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Throughout the history of The Sailors’ Log, there have been many complaints and many disagreements, though, more recently there has been a spike of distaste for the school paper.

Many students do not even read the paper, and despite this fact, they still seem to feel comfortable enough to question the staff’s ideals and quality of work.

For example, a few students went so far as to rip up a copy of the last edition and then posted it on Snapchat with the caption, “This is what I think about this newspaper.”

Of course, every person has the right to free speech, and mistakes do happen, so obviously if there is a mistake, it’s always acceptable for a student to help by constructively commenting on something.

If your intentions include trying to better things for everyone, our staff will always take student opinion into consideration.

That being said, difference of opinions and ideals should never be a reason to show distaste for something that someone else has worked hard on, and that’s generally what the students’ hateful comments have become about.

For any students out there who may have a different opinion, it may be good for them to maybe write a letter to the editor. We will print it.. Perhaps if you have another opinion you should voice it, not hate on someone else’s.

All in all, our goal behind this specific editorial is to say this: Students, if you wish to see something in the paper that we are overlooking, let us know; simply criticizing us does us no good. We are here for you. We just need to know what you want.

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