Many students overwhelmed with amount of work

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Many students overwhelmed with amount of work

How much homework is too much? (Photo by Isaac Varela)

How much homework is too much? (Photo by Isaac Varela)

How much homework is too much? (Photo by Isaac Varela)

How much homework is too much? (Photo by Isaac Varela)

Madeline Eckerman, Center Section Editor

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Homework is a responsibility that every student is familiar with; however, how much homework should students really be responsible for? Do students receive too much homework, or is homework a critical part of education?

The amount of homework a student will have usually varies depending on grade and classload.

Typically, the amount of homework increases as students go through school, and students who take advanced classes like AP and Honors commit themselves to more homework than general classes.

The National Education Association and the National Parent-Teacher Association both recommend that children be asked to do no more than 10 minutes a day of homework in first grade, then move up incrementally from there, with second graders doing a maximum of 20 minutes a day, third graders 30 minutes, and so on. With that in mind, freshmen would have 90 minutes while seniors would have two hours.

However, students taking Honors and AP are even more likely to spend more hours of their night after school doing homework.

Junior Diego Stark said, “Students shouldn’t have to spend half of their day learning and testing and then have leave school and work on the same things they did all day.”

The majority of the homework assigned being “busy work” is a common complaint among students.

Students often will say that homework is beneficial to some degree, but often the assignments given to complete at home seem pointless and force students to repeat work and skills they have already mastered.

Often, teachers will assign worksheets that make students complete sometimes 20 or 30 problems that practice a skill that could be mastered in possibly five problems. This makes homework often a tedious and repetitive task that will eat up a student’s free time after school.

“Homework is justified when there is a reason for it, but sometimes, especially in general classes, there can be too much busy work,” senior Althea Muth said.

For many students, their lives after school are already packed with extra curriculars like different clubs, sports, or a job, so trying to balance those activities on top of potentially hours of homework can be an nearly impossible task.

“Students do not get enough class time to work on their homework, so that work on top of extracurriculars makes life after school too busy,” sophomore Kate Roossien said.

While many students see homework as necessary and beneficial to their learning, spending hours upon hours of time after school can be overkill and a waste of time for some students.

Freshman Aiden Anderson said, “Homework can benefit students because it can help them do better on the quizzes and tests.”

This extra repetition homework provides students can help them reinforce the things they understand and strengthen the concepts they may not have completely grasped yet.

“Homework can help students so they aren’t going into tests and quizzes blind, so they can know what their strengths and weaknesses are,” Muth said.

At the end of the day, homework is an aspect of education that takes a student’s understanding of a concept and strengthens that understanding which is beneficial in education, but, does it really take hours of homework to strengthen that understanding?

Do students really need to spend hours on end working on assignments when sometimes those assignments are busy work and simply a waste of time?

“Homework, especially busy work, seems to take my enjoying my teen years away from me,” junior Erin Powers said. “How am I supposed to have fun when my days are spent trying to keep up with the outrageous amount of schoolwork I have everyday?”

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