New policy bans pepper spray

Paige Judson, Staff Writer

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A new policy banning pepper spray was added to the student handbook at Shores on Dec. 11.

The decision was made between principal Jennifer Bustard, assistant principal Kent Higgs, assistant principal Joe Shaffer and the Norton Shores Police Department.

The decision was made after an incident happened between two girls on Shores’ campus.

Administrators decided it would be best to add the ban to the handbook now, rather than wait until next school year, considering the handbook is online and can be changed at anytime. They also wanted to try and prevent any other incidents from happening in the future.

Shaffer said, “It’s just a good idea that when something comes up that is not covered that we put it into the policy so that we can consistently enforce it instead of doing it subjectively.”

The handbook specifically states under the Major Misbehaviors section, “The possession or use of pepper spray on campus is prohibited. Disciplinary action may range from suspension to expulsion.”

This states that anytime a student is caught with pepper spray, whether it is being used or not, he can be severely disciplined. The discipline being as severe as expulsion from Shores.

Shaffer said administrators wanted to make sure all students know the policy so students can feel like they are being dealt with fairly.

Some students said that in general the policy is unfair.

Senior Jillian Kondarors said, “This policy is not fair. They are taking away my rights to protect myself.”

Shaffer had a response to that: “We can see how somebody who might walk to school or someone who has other circumstances that they might feel like they wanted to have pepper spray with them, but we just didn’t think that it would be a good idea to have on school campus.”

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