Video notes cause negative affects

Liam Wilcox, Staff Writer

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Many teachers across the world are switching to online schooling: assigning online homework, study guides, and even online video lectures.

However, this change has an overall negative effect on students through the loss of teacher-student interaction and through the extra burden on after school time.

While the information of their classes can be conveyed through the Internet, the social development that takes place in the classroom is lost through the transition from physical interaction to pixels on a screen.

In my experience, video notes have helped little with my understanding of the material and added to my already saturated workload. I began to realize this in my Algebra 2 class, in which almost all lectures were in the video format. Without the capability to learn the information in class, I was restricted to using my time outside of class to take notes, time which is precious for students in multiple AP classes and extracurriculars.

There are many possible compromises between these two teaching styles: using the online notes to make up missed class time, alternating lecturing with the online notes, or even using both in tandem for difficult lessons.

With all of these possible solutions, it is odd that schools seem to be moving in the direction of online education instead of trying to integrate what they currently have with the standard classroom format that students are used to. There is absolutely no need to transition to video notes entirely as there could be many unforeseen negative effects, particularly in the realm of social development.

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