Must-be needs for holiday break

Eliana Hardy, Staff Writer

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After 14 weeks of blissful quiet and peaceful independence, the holidays come just in time to ruin it all.

Instead of a stress-free pleasant Christmas break, high schoolers with older siblings, like me, are bombarded with their presence for at least two weeks.

After taking my brother to college in August, I had quite a lot of time alone with my parents until his holiday break began and I found myself stuck with him once again.

In order to survive the  holiday break, here is a list of must-be needs.

  1. Headphones. Headphones are needed in order to tune out the annoying voice of an older sibling.
  2. Food. When feeling stressed out by a sibling, turning to food is the best therapy. Have a box of chocolates on standby or a family-size bag of Lays.
  3. Friends. It’s important to have a friend to rant to when siblings pushed the wrong button.
  4. Excuse to leave the house. When one is at their peak of annoyance,a planned route of escape may be needed.. Have a friend call with an “urgent emergency.”

If all else fails, the best thing to do is to take a nap. When in doubt, find a nice quiet place away from others to sleep away the frustration.

Surviving the break with an older sibling who is returning home for the holidays can be a bit of a struggle, but with the previous items and tips above, survival rates are exceptionally better.

As for me, I’ll take three boxes of chocolate and two bags of Lays.

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