Gates shouldn’t close after school, students shouldn’t be forced to leave

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Gates shouldn’t close after school, students shouldn’t be forced to leave

Caitlin McCombs, Staff Writer

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About two weeks ago, my sister and I stayed after school because I was meeting with a teacher and my sister needed to finish test corrections. Therefore, we were there until about 3:30 p.m.

I walked out of the library and found my sister waiting for me then we headed to the Sailor Center.

However, we ran into a problem: we were blocked by the gates closing off the hallway to the Sailor Center.

My sister and I spent 20 minutes searching for someone with a key to open the gate.

Finally, we found a teacher heading the same way. Once we got through the gate, we headed to the Sailor

Center and took a seat at the table.

I pulled out my Chromebook and started to work on my essay, and my sister took out her math homework.

We were sitting quietly minding our own business when a policeman, one of the security officers hired to patrol the halls after school, approached us and asked if we were waiting for a parent.

When I responded with a yes, he told us we would have to wait outside for our parent.

Without even thinking about it, my sister and I headed outside to wait for our dad, who was coming home from Ludington after a meeting.

After stepping outside, I realized how cold it was. I had forgotten my jacket in my locker, and my sister was standing there in a dress.

After 15 minutes of waiting for my dad, I was freezing, and my sister had goosebumps running up her legs.

Finally, my dad picked us up, and we explained what happened.

He, as well, did not understand why we were kicked out into the cold.

All I could think was why were we kicked out? Did we do something wrong? Does this happen to other students?

There are some things that could be improved at our school and the rule after-school is one of them.

After my experience, I was furious at the thought that students are being kicked out into the freezing cold.

I began to think about all the kids whose parents work, who do not have a bus to take them to their houses and who can not drive.

Are they kicked out into the cold every day?

It is now winter, and the weather is only getting worse. I understand that in the front lobby students are allowed to stand in the foyer; however, it is not much warmer in there than outside considering it is just glass walls.

Also, what about the students, like me, waiting for parents in the Sailor Center? There is no foyer for them to stand in; they are just kicked out into the cold.

Additionally, there should not be gates closing after school. Some students have to stay after school for sports or tutoring, and when they are blocked from getting to their car or their ride home, it causes a problem.

So when they reach the gates, students are stuck trying to find a way to get through them. Why are the gates closed and locked? What does it protect anyone from?

We also should not be kicked out of school into the cold because we simply can not get a ride home until around five when our parents get out of work.

There should be an alternate place for students to wait for their parents under supervision after school.

Therefore, we can fix the problem and make sure all students are secure and safe while waiting for a ride home from their parents.

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