Discount cards for area businesses provide incentive for good grades

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Discount cards for area businesses provide incentive for good grades

Mal Meston, Editor-in-Chief

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Who doesn’t like discounts?

The Shores Academic Booster Club (ABC) provides students with Argonaut Cards, which allow students discounts at local establishments.

Students earn either a Gold (4.00 GPA) or Silver (3.50 – 3.99 GPA) Card.

The ABC conducted a survey that was sent to all high school students, intending to get feedback about how much they are actually used.

More than 50 percent of students recorded that they never received a Gold or Silver card. Assistant principal Kent Higgs said he would like to see more students gain an Argonaut Card.

“To get more students involved with the ability to receive Gold and Silver cards, more awareness needs to be brought to the attention of students by announcing it on social media and on the announcements,” Higgs said.

Even though these cards can come in handy, many students said they often forget they even have it.

“I don’t typically use my Gold Card because I end up forgetting about it even though it’s in my wallet,” junior Tommy Newman said.

Newman isn’t alone.

Out of the 540 responses, 25.5 percent of students admitted to not taking advantage of their Argonaut cards because many of them just simply forgot they had one.

On the other hand, students who do use it often, love their discounts.

“I probably use my Gold Card at least once or twice a week,” senior Rocky Simonelli said. “I use it the most at Subway, and when Jimmy John’s was on it, I used that one a lot too.”

A few of the merchandise and food discount stores on the Gold and Silver Cards include Biggby Coffee, Burger King, Cherokee Restaurant, G&L, La Casa Fierro, Hearthstone, TCBY, Best Buy, Cinema Carousel, The Trophy House, Shores Choir, Sherman Bowling Center and many more.

“My favorite place to go that is on the Argonaut card is the Cinema Carousel. I go to the movies a lot with my boyfriend, so it comes in handy,” senior Grace Ginman said. “They have really great matinée pricing in the evening.”

In the same survey, many students gave suggestions to places they would like to see put onto the next Argonaut card for the year of 2018. These include Jimmy John’s (which used to be on them), Lakeside Emporium, Max & Marley’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Brooklyn Bagel and many more.

“Since I’m a freshman, I won’t be getting my card for a few more months, but I would like to see Buffalo Wild Wings and the Chicken Coop added to the Argonaut Card,” freshman Andrew Taylor said. “Those two restaurants have the best wings and chicken, and having a discount would urge me to go there more often.”

From the survey, the top three places used on the Argonaut cards were Subway, the Cinema Carousel, and Little Caesars.

“We are currently in the process of coming up with a unique way of celebrating the students who earn and receive Gold and Silver Cards,” Higgs said.

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