Principal provides support



Kali Jend, Staff Writer

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Most mornings, Principal Jennifer Bustard greets students in the main lobby of the school, saying good morning to the students who pass her and telling them to have a great day.

“Every day, it is important to give kindness and respect to everyone you encounter,” Bustard said. “Our words of encouragement and support can be a difference maker. I believe in making each moment count with each person I meet.”

Bustard said she has one main purpose in mind when she greets students.

“It is my hope that by modeling positivity, others will see it in action and begin to lead with positivity as well,” Bustard said.

For Bustard, she said it is important that everyone who walks in each morning is greeted with a positive interaction and that Shores is a positive and caring place to be.

“Everyone has a story, and I want every student, staff and community member to know that I am so glad they are here and let’s have a great day together,” Bustard said.

Bustard said she would like students to know that even with negativity around, they need to stay positive.

“In education, there can be the negative perspectives that can be the loudest voices, when actually the positive approach will have a more lasting impact on student success and the entire school community,” Bustard said. “I am motivated to lead by positivity because it is what I believe our students and community need most.”

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