Taylor Swift releases new album: Reputation

Emma Nelson, Staff Writer

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On Nov. 10, 2017 Taylor Swift gave humanity a gift.

She released Reputation, her sixth studio album. In August, after three years of musical hiatus, Swift released her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” to announce the upcoming album.

Her revenge-fueled and pop-beat single shocked fans compared to her once fairytale-ballad and country-inspired music. Swift has sparked a new era filled with electronic and synth-pop through her latest album.

As Swift has grown in the spotlight, her music has as well.

Reputation shows her growth and development as an artist. Swift has evolved from a 16-year-old wearing cowboy boots to a 28-year-old singing about love, fame, and the media’s scrutiny. The most recent album reflects this transition through her life.

Not only are the subjects of her songs different, but the music behind the lyrics has matured. She has ditched simple guitar chords for a heavier pop. A mix of synth, dubstep, and electronic music has inspired Reputation. While some are unimpressed with her drastic change, Swift has proven herself yet again with vulnerable lyrics and a look into her most personal thoughts.

Taylor Swift is an artist.

No matter the music type or the topic of a song, she continuously succeeds and provides the public with an inside view to her private life. Her development as a musician proves her talent and ability to connect with the struggles of growing older.

Reputation is Taylor Swift’s most compelling, raw, and diverse work yet.


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