Slaying the Snow

Sophomore takes on the Rocky Mountain slopes

Madeline Eckerman, Center Section Editor

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The cold winter months can often tempt us to hibernate inside and bide our time until the warmer and sunnier months of spring.

The bitter cold and snow may not be the most inviting of conditions, but that does not mean everyone shouldn’t take advantage of the many possibilities that winter offers.

Instead of spending weekends binging Netflix or sleeping the day away, one could attempt some more lively and exciting activities such as skiing, skating, or even sledding at the local sugar bowl.

Some people also use the winter months to escape West Michigan for the warmer weather of the south or the intimidating ski slopes of the Rockies.

Sophomore Brenna Bustard and her family do not let the freezing temps stop them from enjoying some of the exciting activities winter has to offer.

They took full advantage of the snow and ice of winter when they took their winter vacation to Park City, Utah, to hit the ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Shortly after Christmas, on Dec. 27, Bustard and her family flew into Utah where they would stay and enjoy the snow and views of the Rocky Mountains until Jan. 3.

Bustard and her family skied Park City Ski Resort as well as the Canyons Ski Resort, both of which are located in Utah.

“We chose to spend out vacation in Utah and stay at the ski resorts we did because we knew they were great family friendly places, and they both offered a ton of fun activities to do with my family other than just skiing,” she said.

Bustard obviously enjoyed spending her time with her family on the amazing ski slopes that only the Rocky Mountains can offer, but along with skiing, she said she also enjoyed her vacation taking advantage of some of the other activities with her family such as ice skating, shopping, and exploring the beautiful and unique villages at each ski resort.

Bustard is no beginner when it comes to skiing the steeper and more challenging ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Prior to her recent trip to

Utah, she skied many other ski resorts in Colorado with her friends and family.

“Before this year my family and I took a few trips to Colorado. We skied some of the resorts in Colorado like Vail, Keystone, and Breckenridge,” Bustard said.

However, this trip to Utah was different because rather than just Bustard’s immediate family or family friends, for this trip she spent the entire vacation with her extended Bustard family.

“It was so much fun going with my whole family because I was able to spend more time with them which I do not always get to do,” Bustard said.

Like many families these days, Bustard says that it can sometimes be difficult to find time to set aside for family, so she appreciated the chance to experience Utah with her family.

Bustard said, “It was great to be able to take a trip as a whole family and become closer with all my cousins.”

Bustard said she hopes to take another ski trip to Utah in the future to hopefully have another memorable trip with her family.

“I hope we get to go back in the next couple of years,” she said. “It was great to build memories with my whole family on and off the slopes.”
Bustard says that during the trip becoming closer to her family made her realize how important family is.

“Sometimes I forget how great my family is when I do not see them as much, so I always really appreciate the time we spend together when I do see them,” Bustard said.

Bustard says that she would recommend for people to step out of their comfort zone with family and friends over the winer and try something new.

“Whether its with family or friends, everyone should try something new this winter because winter can be a great time to spend time and appreciate the people we love,” she said.

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