The Allen Family

4 brothers bond through sports

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The Allen Family

The Allen family

The Allen family

The Allen family

The Allen family

Megan Swanker, Sports Page Editor

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In some families, sports are a great way for siblings to bond.

In the Allen family, the four brothers (seniors Charles and Tyrese; sophomores Anthony and Kobe) have played various sports together over the years.

Whether it’s youth soccer or baseball, basketball or football, one can always find an Allen brother on the field or court.

Charles and Anthony both play the same position on the football field. On varsity, Charles plays slot while Anthony plays slot on the JV team. Tyrese also plays on the varsity football team with Charles while Kobe also plays on the JV team.

“It’s cool to play on the same team as Tyrese because I can look over at him and say, ‘That’s my brother; that’s blood,’” Charles said. “Since he’s my brother, I don’t want to look bad, so he pushes me to do my best.”

While siblings can get annoying, to football and basketball player Tyrese, seeing his siblings at practice is a good time because he may not see all of his siblings all the time.

“It makes me happy to see my brothers at practice because I don’t always get to see Charles or Anthony all the time,” Tyrese said. “Seeing them everyday and having fun with my brothers is the best part about playing with my siblings.”

Anthony and Charles are both a part of the varsity wrestling team. Quitting in front of a sibling is not an option for them.

“During practice if we are running, if they quit, it motivates me to not let them see me quit,” Anthony said. “Playing with my brothers comes natural because we grew up playing in the backyard together, and now, we all play for the high school.”

Having unique siblings can make playing the game more fun as well as competitive. Kobe always wants to work harder than both of his older siblings.

“Whenever I’m at a practice with them, I always want to work harder than them,” Kobe said. “They make everything fun because of how unique they all are. We’re all jokesters too, so they find a way to boost my spirits up.”

Many memories can be made when you have four brothers. Charles said they will make great stories to tell his future children.

“It would be cool because if I have more than one kid, I would encourage them to play together,” Charles said. “It’s a different feeling to play with your brothers and I would want them to experience that like I did.”

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