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Chalkboard project powerful for all

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Words hurt, and in some cases, more than actions.

At the beginning of March, students and staff were notified that the Chalkboard Project would soon be coming to Shores.

A word was written on a chalkboard describing how they either felt or something negative others have called them. A picture was taken of the person holding the word, and this past week these photos were hung in the halls for everyone to see.

Many found themselves with numerous options to choose from, and others struggled with finding as little as one word.

Even though it may just seem like scribbles on a chalkboard, it’s something that sticks with someone like glue on paper along with the affect on others and the environment around the school.

Those members of The Sailors’ Log staff who helped the process found it difficult to be around such a vulnerable area when people where putting chalk to board.

People whom they thought would never get bullied or called names had the most to choose from.

At certain times of the day, when huge rushes of students and staff came to take part of the project, moments of realization hit that these are words or phrases that some get called.

It was difficult not to reach out and give them a hug to reassure them that they are more than that.
Even though some of the words or phrases might not seem like a huge deal to one, it could mean something completely different to someone else.

We never know what someone is going through. A person could have the happiest, most outgoing personality at school, but that could be a “mask” that they wear so it seems like everything is fine.

No matter who they are, where they come from, or what they look like, no one deserves to feel so isolated where they can’t tell anyone else.

The hope was that the student body would take on a better realization of this – that words really do matter.

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