Differences should be celebrated – it’s the price of freedom

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Differences should be celebrated – it’s the price of freedom





Chris Horvath, Feature Page Editor

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If I could have voted, Donald J. Trump would have had my vote. I know it may be unpopular to some, but that is who I am, and I’m proud of that.

My family has been my biggest contributor into making me a far-right Trump supporter. My grandpa, dad, and uncles really have shaped me into what I am.

I have never been afraid to talk about politics. Yes, that includes some occasional arguments with family members as well as other students whom I knew were much more liberal than I was.

In eighth grade, we had to create a presentation and speech about something we were passionate about. I wrote about our Second Amendment: the Right to Bear Arms.

I am a hunter. I have grown up in a family that has guns and always has. I know how they operate and that they are not toys.

Another topic that irritates me is the number of people who take advantage of the welfare system, or just “the system” in general in the United States.

Welfare should be there for those who need it. Way too many people in the United States are dependent upon the federal government, and this is a huge issue.

As of a 2014 poll, a total of 110 million Americans are on some form of government assistance. That’s about a total of 35 percent of American citizens. Many of those people do not need that assistance. For many of them, it is not a necessity for their life. It’s just blatant laziness. Taking advantage of the system will always be something that makes me angry in the world of politics.

Shores is home to many different political views. As Shores sits in the western half of Michigan, which is known to be more conservative, it also sits in Muskegon, which is more liberal.

I see Shores in a little bit of both lights. A majority of my friends are conservative or more moderate. However, I have made more liberal friends this school year than I ever have, and I surprisingly like it.

Being conservative and being among liberal teachers, friends, coaches, etc., I have learned that sometimes politics are not the best thing to talk about.

In the wake of the school shooting in Florida, it’s almost inevitable that gun control was going to be talked about among students and teachers.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s not to let politics influence relationships. Do not judge someone because of their political views.

Do not judge me when you see me in the hallway wearing my Donald Trump T-shirt. Do not try to tell me how to live my life or think one way or the other – I never would do that to you.

Ever since I was young and really got into politics, I’ve always asked my grandpa why other people think so drastically different from me.

He, still to this day, tells me, it is the price that we pay for freedom.

A price that’s worth it.

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