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Steffen Newman
When asked about dream trips around the world, people may respond with Florida, Mexico, or California, but junior Steffen Newman has Oregon at the top of his list. He was able to travel there during Thanksgiving with his family to visit his uncle who lives in the Portland area. Even though Portland is a large city, his uncle’s house was actually secluded on the side of this small mountain. “There was a ton of wildlife surrounding his city like deer, squirrels, and plenty of different birds.” said Newman. “We were able to visit an old World War II submarine, that they gave us a tour,” Newman said. “It really opened my eyes about our fight in that war.” With the month of November coming to a close and the cold December air moving in, he was able to enjoy the fall weather in the wilderness while enjoying the city aspect of the trip as well. He was able to visit big places like the Nike Factory, and the largest bookstore in the nation called Powell’s Books, but he was also able to enjoy the secluded spot that his uncle has by walking the dogs every morning. “The Nike factory was awesome to visit because I already visited the one in Chicago, and it was great to be able to compare the two of them,” Newman said. “The bookstore was also a great experience because I have never seen that big of a bookstore.” Newman said. Even though Portland is not on the coast, he said he was able to drive to the coast and enjoy something new for a day. “We visited this town that was called Cannon Beach, and it reminded me a ton of Grand Haven,” Newman said. “Where we were in the city, it was a very flat part of the land, but right across the bay, we were able to see these huge mountains that people were skydiving off of daily.” Unluckily for Newman, he wasn’t able to enjoy skydiving, but he was able to enjoy a great Oregon dinner with his family after a long day. “For my uncle’s birthday, he took us out to an Irish Pub that had these fantastic burgers,” Newman said. “It was a great way to end an exhausting. but adventurous couple days.” A Pina Colada on a beach in Mexico may be appealing, but the beauty of the west coast can’t be ignored. Newman was a lucky tourist who was able to face the beautiness of this part of the country. “Many would not believe the beauty of Oregon, but you just have to get out there and capture it,” Newman said.

Steffen Newman, Features Editor

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